Security Vendor Information
AppEsteem provides App Intelligence feeds that make it easy to sort out the good apps from the Deceptors. We also have battle-hardened PUA and Unwanted Software criteria that you can incorporate and modify as you see fit. We can even help when you get queries and takedown notices from upset vendors. All of this is free for AVs and other security providers. Which means you can reduce your risk and spend more time fighting real malware.
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 Our Criteria: the AppEsteem ACRs
Our Application Certification Requirements have been under construction for four and a half years. We worked with the AVs and others to get them right. Every day they get tested by both Deceptors and Certified Apps. You can use them and modify them under our creative commons license.
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 App Intelligence
Deceptor Apps
We hunt for Windows/Mac/Android apps and browser extensions that break our Deceptor-level ACRs. When we find them, we publish them, along with evidence of their violations, on a public website and as a JSON feed. We hope you'll agree that they are unwanted, and detect at least their installs.
Certified Apps
When an app passes all of our ACRs, we certify that version, and we start monitoring them. We publish these apps on a public website and as a JSON feed. We hope you'll agree that these apps are clean, and you won't detect them. But if you find that the app still breaks your own criteria, please detect them and let us know why, so we can let the app vendor know what else to fix, and maybe even update our criteria to cover your needs.
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 Unwanted Software Handling Certification Test
We run a free monthly AMTSO Standards-based certification test where we measure AVs ability to detect Deceptors and not detect Certified Apps. We have a liberal dispute policy (AVs just have to describe why they did/did not detect). Passing AVs get certified as Deceptor Fighters, and can use this logo.
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